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2024 HiTOPS Princeton Half Marathon

Sun November 10 - Sun November 24, 2024 Princeton, NJ 08540 US


2022 Course Marshal Training Details

COURTNEY (Race Director): 908-872-0217
CLARE (Vol Coordinator): 609-422-6767


All volunteers are required to wear our volunteer shirt which designates them as a race official. You will also be provided with a lanyard as a quick reference to the emergency protocols reviewed in training. Your volunteer packet can be picked up at Fleet Feet Princeton (formerly Princeton Running Company) during our packet pickup hours. If you cannot pick up during the times below, please email for other arrangements. 

Fleet Feet (Princeton Running Company), 108 Nassau Street, Princeton
Thursday, November 10th, 10:30 AM to 7 PM
Friday, November 11th, 10:30 AM to 7 PM
Saturday, November 12th, 10:30 AM to 5 PM
Sunday, November 13th, 5:30 AM (Victory Village @ 59 Paul Robeson Place)


For your planning purposes, you will be expected to be at your location on the course no later than 6:30 AM on race morning. Even if you have a location further on the course, you need to be in your spot by 6:30 AM as roads will be closing for the race.

Upon arrival you will text our Volunteer Coordinator, Clare Millington, at 609-422-6767. It’s best to text her your location number and crossroads since she’ll be getting 40 texts at the same time. Once she knows you are all in place, we will start the race.

Course details can be found here. The PDF at the bottom of this link shows expected runners times and will help you know how long your volunteer detail will be. For example, if you are at mile 10, you would not expect to see runners until 7:50 assuming the fastest runner is going 5-minute pace. Your last runner would come by about 9:20 assuming the cut off time for runners is 14-minute pace. 


Traffic cyclist will meet and park at the Princeton YMCA (59 Paul Robeson Place) which is close to the start / finish at 6:30 AM. New riders will be briefed by repeat cyclists. You are the eyes and ears between course marshals. You also play a critical role in the early / late part of the race where there are larger gaps in runners who could get lost. 


* Park out of the way of runners when arriving at your location. Runners will stay to their right throughout the course. 
* Know a bit about the spot ahead of you and behind you so that you are informed if motorists ask questions, We try our best not to send frustrated drivers to the next street just to get stopped again. The race will be over by 10:05 AM if anyone asks.
* Speak kindly as a representative of HiTOPS and Princeton. It's Sunday morning, many residents are going to church which is incredibly important to them. We do all we can to inform people about the race, many people wake up surprised by it. 
* If someone is upset or there is an altercation, please jot down the license plate / name and tell Courtney about it. It's helpful for Princeton PD and HiTOPS to be ahead of complaints coming our way. 
* If you find barricades and cones at your location, use them to help you in your position. Return them to where you found them before leaving your post. 
* It is not your job to stop a car. You can follow the direction provided to direct motorists, but you are never to put yourself in danger to stop traffic. 
* If you see something suspicious, be it a bag, backpack, person, anything, call our emergency number. It is not your job to investigate. 
* If a runner needs help, assess the situation. If you are not sure, call our emergency number. As soon as you are able to, please return your attention to the race. It's helpful to jot down the bib number and details of any runners with issues and send them to Courtney. This allows us to track the runners progress and completion of the race. 
* All aid stations have first aid kits. 
* Emergency response teams are around the course. A paramedic is on our sweep bus. 
* 2 motorcycles and 1 police car will lead the race. The last runner will be followed by a sweep bus and then a sweep police car. You can leave your post when the sweep police car passes unless your post says to hold traffic for a few more minutes.
* We welcome you to bring a trash bag with you and clean up your area before leaving. It is our hope to leave Princeton cleaner than we found it after the race. 


 Runners will find water at 7 aid stations along the course. All will have water and first aid kits. See notes below for the location of bathrooms, MVP and nutrition. 
• Mile 2.75 Einstein & Olden (Bathroom)
• Mile 5.25 Boathouse (Bathroom, Nutrition from Fleet Feet Princeton)
• Mile 6.5 Wiggins Street (Wegman's MVP)
• Mile 8 Rollingmead Street (Bathroom)
• Mile 9 Smoyer Park (Nutrition from Fleet Feet Princeton)
• Mile 10 Stone Hill Church (Bathroom, Wegman's MVP)
• Mile 12 Mt. Lucas & Jefferson


All volunteers who had registered for the 2022 race but are deferring to the 2023 race have been marked as deferred in RSU but please plan on reaching out to me when we open registration in 2023 to be sure you are all set.




Click the icon below to download the attached PDF.


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